Those nasty ticks

When we think of ticks, we think of bites. They can be somewhere near 1cm. Their larvae are usually less than 2mm. Ticks are known for getting on our clothes and our skin. They are small and can be quite stubborn. There are a few methods how to remove them, but we will talk about it.

Their description and food

They are usually found in woods or other words wooded areas. As you can see, the high grass and highly vegetated areas are full of them. Some of these species do require a bit of moisture to survive. So you will usually find them in damp areas. Their diet is a classical one. They feed on blood. We don’t mean human blood. Besides humans, they will feed on any blood they can find. They feed on reptile, bird and mammal blood. Each of these species has a preferred host. If they can’t find a host, they will start to look for alternative hosts. So practically they will feed on any blood they can find. Any animal is pa potential host.

How they reproduce?

The reproduction is the interesting part. They have four stages of reproduction. First, they will appear as eggs. After that, we have a stadium that is called larvae stadium. After that, they will develop into a nymphal, and after that, they will become adults. Pretty interesting development for an insect that is considered to be one of the most annoying pest species in the world. The interesting part is that they can consume blood in all stages of their development. So they represent the danger in all of their life cycles. Even the pathogens like organisms that they can contain can be transmitted through the entire life cycle. They can infect animals and even humans. They are among the most dangerous pests in the world.


How to know if you are infected?

First of all, you will see that you have ticks on your body. So when you come back home, always make sure to do a routine checkup. It is important especially if you have been outdoors. In case you have a tick that is stuck on your skin, don’t try to take it off. The parts of his head could stay in your skin and cause a much bigger infection. To remove a tick, it is advised to use an alcohol cloth. You can take a cloth and soak it with alcohol. After that, the tick will fall off. You can also use a cigarette and poke it. However, it is best that a doctor remove it since these methods could cause sucked blood to go back into your body. That blood could be infected with pathogens. Doctors have a method to remove the tick without the returning of the sucked blood.

How to stop them?

The best way is to look around, and when you see that you have ticks, you should call exterminators. After all, leave that to the professionals.