Those little termites

You have probably seen termites in cartoons or a lot of comedy movies. They are funny and sweet, right? Wrong. Those are the cartoon and movie termites. In real life, they are also known as silent destroyers and with a good reason. They will usually hide in places where you can’t find them. The best place for them would be in your yard, and they could hide for quite a while. They are not dangerous to humans because their diet is a vegan diet so to speak. But seriously, they eat cellulose and cellulose-based materials that we can find in plants. This is a good thing for humans, but not so good for you home because it doesn’t matter what material is used for your home, it can still provide enough food for them. Termite infestation is possible in almost any house. Same thing goes for apartments but to a less extent.

There are three major species if termites that you can usually find anywhere in the world. First, we have the subterranean types. They live under the surface as their name suggests. Then we have dry wood termites that live only in the dried wood areas. They are usually those that are troublemakers. And the last ones are damp wood termites which as you can see, live in damp wood areas. Just so you know, there are 2000 species of termites in the world, and probably even more. They all have their scientific names, but that is not our concern. The main concern is what they are and how to get rid of them.

How to they look?


They can be big as half an inch in length. But their kings and queens can be even larger. The measure is over one inch and almost two inches long. You can even see the difference in the classes in their colony. Workers are usually different in color than their queens and kings, and there are even different types of termites in one colony such as flying termites. Those that fly are those who reproduce. They have two pairs of wings, and they are in charge when it comes to mating.

Their food

As we mentioned before, their food is wood to be precise. But to be even more precise, their foods are trees and dead plants. They get their nutrients and energy from cellulose. Cellulose is fiber that is found in wood and all plant matter. In case you didn’t know, most pests are fed by wood matter. Termites are also known to eat other materials such as plastic or paper or even drywall. They prefer dead plants like dead wood, but if something happens, they can eat living wood. In general, each species has its food and their preferred way of eating that material. For instance, those who live underground like soft wood and they usually eat this but may eat other types of wood. Those who love damp wood will usually be near the ground.