Silverfish insects

Their color can range from brown and gray and even from silver or blue. They are 1,5cm in length, and they have three bristles on the rear of their body. Bristles are long, and they don’t change their shape when they are developing from egg to an adult bug.

Their food and general information

They are known to life in almost every climate type. They will usually live in dark areas and areas that are damp and have moisture. Ideal places would be basements, bathrooms and all other areas where water is present like kitchen and attic. Clothing also attracts them and even paper. Their diet is based on carbs. We all know that carbs are sugar and starches. Cellulose, books and even silk is a good meal for them. Dead insects are also known to be their food. It is a good idea to make sure to dry out the areas that are potentially a habitat for these insects.

Reproduction of these insects

It is interesting that these insects also apply dance right before their mating. The number of eggs which are laid varies in numbers. Some females lay only a few eggs while some other females will lay a group of eggs. If you have any suspicion that you might have a silverfish infestation, or if you see them in your sink or your home, the best idea is to call exterminators right away. There is a good thing in this whole situation. Spiders and other bugs are feeding on these insects. They are insects that are active during the night, and they are not moving fast. They will reproduce quickly, and there may be some time before you discover an infestation.

silverfishThey will ruin your paper and clothing very quickly. You will find them in dark and damp areas, and they will usually be around the paper. Your kitchen, attic, and basement can be a good place for these bugs. Even bathrooms are known to host them. Technically, you can find them in all areas but mostly in damp areas. Don’t be mistaken. If they can’t find a nice damp area, they will find any place that is dark. So a good way to control them is to dry your home. That won’t be easy because not all areas are made to be dried. The basement is the toughest place to dry. A good way to prevent their infestation is to clean your household and your home on a regular basis.

Hire a professional get rid of the misery

The best way is to hire professionals that will clean your house of any infestations. The general advice is to let them do the work because they know how to get rid of any of these insects. These pests are known to be stubborn and tough to get rid of so let the professionals do what needs to be done. You could try to get rid of them on your own, but that won’t bring any significant results.