Those little demons that feed on our blood

The first animal that comes to your mind when you say this sentence is the mosquito. And there is a good reason why people always think about this animal. Mosquitoes are known to carry a few diseases that are not that dangerous, but if they are untreated, they could cause death. So as you can see, mosquitoes are not dangerous as animals but are dangerous as carriers of diseases. And the problem is that when you feel the sting of a mosquito, it is usually too late because it had injected the saliva with pathogens. Not all mosquitoes are carriers of diseases. There are however a few known species that are carriers. So make sure that you understand and get familiar with those species that are dangerous for humans and animals. So it is a good idea to be informed and to know the techniques how to extract that saliva when you are stung.


What do they look like?

Their legs are very long ant thin. Their bodies are also thin. They can be long as 1cm. But those species are the big ones. In general, their size is no more than 5mm.

Their food

First of all, we all know that mosquitoes are feeding with our blood. That is not true. Only females feed on blood because the blood will create their eggs. Their general food is nectar from flowers. Adult males are known to stay near the eggs and guard them, and their diet is entirely nectar-based. So as you can see they are vegetarians so to speak. The only time when females need to drink blood is when they need to create eggs. Their larvae feed on water organisms since they are near the water. Larvae food is depending on species. But it is discovered that some species will consume other mosquitoes. That is pretty strange. It is familiar that mosquitoes are active when the Sun comes down and until dawn because they can’t stand the heat.

The heat could kill them. And larger concentrations are near the water. So keep an eye when you are walking near the lake or sea. You could easily get bitten by them. If you are walking in the sunny day, then you won’t have to fear of their bites.

The confusion

Some people usually mistake them for flies. Their nose is long, and their legs are also long. They will draw blood from people and animals because this blood is needed for laying eggs. Flies won’t bite you, and even if they do, that is nothing compared to a bite of a mosquito. Mosquitoes are known to spread various diseases like the West Nile Virus and the rest like malaria and dengue. They are nasty little animals and can usually ruin your evening in the garden or at the beach at night. So you should always have a repellant by your side to apply on your skin.