Bed bugs

These little bugs are known to be in your bed as the name suggests. They are flat, and their color is usually red or brown. Sometimes it can be something in between. They are usually 6mm long, and that is usually the length that will not grow beyond that. You will usually see them with a full red color. That is the sign that they had their meal. They are not dangerous, but, they will usually bite you in your sleep, and they will suck your blood.

Their food and general description

Their main meal is your blood. They are known to be very tough and can even survive without food for one year. That is pretty tough. They are usually more active at night, so this is the time when you are vulnerable. When you go to sleep, they will make get out of your bed and start sucking your blood. You can usually find them in your sheets, and even in your mattress. They will usually be in some cracks where they could easily conceal. You can even find them in your old picture frames. They can be very annoying because sometimes it is difficult to get them.

How do you get them?

life-cycle-of-bed-bugsFirst of all, it is not that hard to get them. They can be picked in almost any possible place. You can get them from stores or your offices. You can get them even when you are at the gym, or the most popular place would be hotels. They crawl in your suitcase or your luggage, and they can hide in there for a while. Remember that they are known for their hiding ability. So once you are in your home, they will start to get out and there you have it. Usually, you can’t get rid of them without the help of an exterminator. Keep in mind that it is a good idea to call the exterminators as soon as you see their presence. If they start to grow in numbers, you will have a bigger problem, and it will be more expensive.

How to stop the infestation or to reduce the infestation?

First, you will need to look around and see if you can find them. Once you realize that you have bed bugs, it is a good idea to start removing clutter from your house or apartment. This is a good method to find them much easier. Also, you should wash your sheets and all your things on the bed in the highest temperature you can get. Just make sure that temperature is permitted. You don’t want to ruin your sheets. If you buy some furniture, for example, make sure you inspect it. If you, however, bought used furniture, then you should inspect it with more detail. In most cases, you will find them. In case you have moved to your new home, or you had some guests, it would also be a good idea to check your house. You never know what you can find.