Fleas and general information about them

They are known to cause problems but mostly for animals and your pets. They are very small animals and can grow up to 3mm. So as you can see, they are not that big and sometimes it is hard to see them in animal’s fur. Their bodies are usually shiny, and the color may vary from red to brown, and they are usually covered with hair. Moving through the animal fur is necessary. They can transmit diseases even to humans. For example, cat flees are known to bite into human flesh because the temperature of human body is almost the same as the temperature of cats. It is not a general case, but sometimes you can find cat flees on humans. But these transmissions are nothing dangerous. It all comes down to taking good care of your pets.

Their food

They feed on the blood of your animals. Flees can be found on all sorts of animals including dogs, cats, rats, mice, even wild animals. Rabbits and even squirrels are known to have fled. While it is true that they don’t have wings, they can jump up to a pretty good distance. Those cartoons that were funny and that they depicted the jumping off a little flea that sings is just a cartoon. But they can jump that is a fact.

Their reproduction

When it comes to fleas and their eggs, this is considered less painful because their eggs will usually hatch on the ground or even in your carpets. You can have them even in your sheets and bedding and even in your beds.

They are in my home

fleaOk, so you got a flea situation. You can call the exterminators of course, but that is a drastic measure. First, you will need to understand how they feed themselves. They need a host to provide blood for them. So if you have pets, make sure that you check them for fleas. If they can’t find a host that provided food for them, they will start feeding on other hosts in your home. So to prevent this situation, you will need to check your pets on a daily basis and even if you had an animal in your home like rats and mice, those fleas would start looking for another host.

How to keep them out

To keep them out you will need to check all sorts of cracks in your home and even holes. You will need to seal all potential entries for other animals like rodents or other pests to prevent fleas from spreading. Our advice is to remove any outdoor habitats that could be good for fleas and of course the best way to keep any other pest out of your home is to apply chemicals. Just make sure you check your pets on a regular basis and use products that are approved by your veterinarian if you don’t want to harm your pet which you don’t of course.