Earwigs and how to get rid of them

Earwigs are believed to get into human ears and drill them. This is not true. Superstition can make a lot of untrue statements. In the United States, there are more than 20 species of these little bugs. Some of them even produce a scent which is used for defense against bigger insects and other attackers. Some scientists believe that this scent keeps them together. Even though people believe that these bugs lay eggs in our ears and drill them, there is no scientific proof or research. People are frightened by them because they have little pincers on the back. These little pincers are used as a form of defense, and they also use them when they need to have a duel with other earwigs. They are very good with their pincers, but they don’t harm humans. This is just a myth.

Their look

These insects look dangerous but are not poisonous, and they can’t spread any diseases. As you can see they are quite effective because they just look nasty. They don’t have to be dangerous to stay away from them. They can be 6mm in length. Some of them are even 3cm in length. As you can see, their size can vary depending on the species. They have two pairs of wings.

Their habitat

They have a wide variety of habitats. As most of other insects, it all depends on where a certain species live. They can present a great threat as a garden pest, and they also need the right conditions to get that status. They need ground cover, and they also need wet soil and a lot of food. If you give them these elements, then you have a pest coming.

Their food

earwigonleafThey are known mostly as vegetarians so to speak. They eat vegetation which is decaying and they can also eat sprouts. Some of them can be predators if they don’t have their regular food. They are also very fast and they have no problem in hunting other species.

Their life

First of all, they like damp areas. Wet areas are also good hiding places for them. They also like colder areas that are not visited by anyone. When winter comes, they get into the ground and spend an entire winter in that ground. When spring comes, they start to lay eggs. The female takes care of little ones until they are capable of finding their food. Once they can find their won food, she lets them go. These insects love light. So if you like sitting on your porch in the evening, you will have a potentially ruined evening because of them. The only reason they come in our homes is that they are looking for food. They also need to save themselves when the weather is changing. So as you can see they are not dangerous, but they can be pretty boring if you don’t know how to get rid of them.