Those little ants

Ants are known to be hard for control, and they can usually give you a lot of headaches. They are very organized, and they can come up anywhere in your home. The truth is, if you don’t treat them immediately, they can turn out to be a real infestation which is not easy to overcome. Ants can enter probably anywhere in your home. They are looking for small cracks, and they will usually come to find water or some food which is rich with sweet flavor or greasy food flavor. You can usually find them in kitchen or areas around it. Even in your basement where you keep your storage food, they can be a common visitor.

They love the scent

One thing that ants do follow is the scent. And they also leave and invisible mark or a path for other ants to follow. This path is made from an invisible chemical that only ants can smell. This is the way to let other ants know that someone in their colony has found a food source. As you can see, this is a very effective method. They all work as one, and this is the lowest form of the hive mind so to speak. They are very well organized, and it looks like that this organization is the key to their success.

Where are their nests?

This is the answer that many people don’t like. The answer is everywhere. There is no certain location. They can have a nest practically anywhere in your home. You could have them in walls; they can have nests in and under your lawn in your yard. They will also create a nest under your house. That’s right. Under your house foundation. It is probably the worst place you can have a pest nest. To reach it, you will need to make a mess. Walls and other areas are no problems but just imagine how tough it is to reach the foundation of your home and treat them with chemicals. This is a job that is very tricky.

ants nest

How many ants are there?

If you are thinking about the number in one colony, then we are talking about a number probably around half a million. That is usually the normal number of ants. They are very quick and versatile because if they realize that there is some threat direct or indirect, they can relocate to another area with no problem. So when starting to treat them with chemicals, their removal needs to be brutal and quick. Because if some of them survive, they can rebuild their colony very quickly. Those colonies can live up to a very long period. Ants, who are workers, can live up to seven years and queens could live up to fifteen years. That is a pretty long period of our lives. So to kill them all, you will need to make sure that you have strong chemicals and that you strike at the heart of their nest.