Stink bugs

As their name suggests, they are known for releasing their scent, when they need to protect themselves from an attacker. They are known to have a sucking instrument that is in the front area of their body. They have a shield shape which is characteristic for these bugs. Most of them are eating plants and plant material, but some of them are known to be predators. We will focus on a brown marmorated stink bug. They are known to be almost 2cm long. Like other bugs, this bug is also 2cm wide. When they are little or immature, they are known to be yellow and red. Their color can vary depending on the species and many other factors. They will change color when they start to grow but that all depends on genetics and other factors.

Their diet and general information

First of all, most of them are plant eaters. This means that they will eat fruit and vegetables. This is why they are considered a horrible pest because they can destroy the entire plantations of fruit and vegetables. They can feed very quickly which means it destroys your plants and your plantations very quickly. They pierce the skin of the fruit, and then they start to feed. Once the skin is pierced, the fruit starts to develop some scar. This fruit can be edible, but in some cases, it will be useless. So to get rid of these pests, you will need to use certain chemicals on your plants to save them. Of course, these chemicals are not healthy, but this is a lesser evil. Imagine if your whole plantation or your garden is being destroyed by these little devils.

They can also be a troublemaker when they infest your homes. When the temperature starts to drop in the late summer, they will try to get into your homes. They are just trying to save themselves from the cold weather that is coming. They will usually hide in wall cracks or your attic. And when the winter goes by, and spring comes, they start to go out. They are not dangerous for humans although if you try to kill them, they will release a stench which is ugly. Besides the bad odor, they pose no danger at all. Some people believe that they will suck your blood when they sting you with their instruments in front of their body. This is not true because we have explained that they feed on plants.

Their reproduction

These females will usually lay around 30 eggs, and they will be secured under the plant. When the eggs hatch, nymphs will start to feed immediately. They will also have a series of stages and cycles before they become a full adult individual. The best way to get rid of them is to ignore them and let them be simply. You could kill them or spray them if they pose a certain problem in your home.