Beetles, the bugs we all know

When you see a bug or a beetle, this is the order of bugs we usually think of. But most of us don’t even know that there are more than 20000 species of these insects just in North America. So it is clear why we call these types of bugs, beetles. They are very common, and they don’t pose a threat to humans.

How can you recognize a Beetle?

There are a usual misinterpretation and confusion among humans. Some humans usually think that beetles are cockroaches. They are similar but not identical. Beetles are known for their chewing apparatus, and they are known for their large antennae. Their back is a hard shell known as elytra. That shell is a wing or a pair of wings. They have two pairs of wings. The front wings act as a shell, and the other pair of wings is a classical type of wings. That shell or the first pair is for protection against damage and dehydration. In spite of those pair of wings, they are terrible fliers. They usually fly to escape any dangerous situation. They use other methods to fight or run. They are good fighters.

Their size and shape can vary. They come in many forms and colors. They can be long and thin and even round and thick. Some of the species will look like spiders. And some of them will have big horns on their head. These horns are made for battle against other males. Usually, males have these horns.

Their food and how they behave

They also have four cycles of life similar to ticks. The first cycle is probably the famous one and is present in almost every part of a bug’s life, the egg cycle. After that we have the larva cycle. Then we have the pupa cycle and after that we an adult bug will appear. The duration of life cycles varies from species to species. Usually they can develop very quickly although some of them will develop slower than others. It all depends which species we are talking about. So the big question is what do they eat? Well, you can be calm because they usually eat plants and small insects. Some of them will feed on animal fiber. It all depends on the species.

Most of them are considered to be pests, but some of them can be useful for humans. For example, the ladybug or ladybird beetle will kill other insects that can be harmful to your garden. So not all of them are considered to be pests. The ones that are considered to be a pest are usually treated with chemicals because they will usually ruin your garden and some of them will even ruin your carpets and clothes. Your furniture could also be one of the potential targets. So be aware of these bugs.